This deck resolves around the card "Dark Armed Dragon" and the card "Emergency Teleport". This deck has the power to eliminate a card on the field by removing a Dark card from the graveyard. The emergency teleport summons "Krebons" or "Psycic Commander".

Power: DAD (dark armed dragon) has 2800 atk strengh, also the numerous synchros in this deck have impressive atk strengh.

Draw: Allure of Darkness, draw 2 cards hen remove a Dark card in your hand from play.

Drawbacks: This deck needs to use the graveyard and to remove cards from play. "Imperial Iron Wall" and the Gravekeeper's "Necrovalley" can realy screw up this deck as they prevent both graveyard effects and removing cards from play.

This deck abviously needs alot of Dark cards to run. Possibly the single best deck in the current "Meta".